All levels of valeting
from basic hoover
to showroom condition.


German made EHRLE
drive-through SmartWash.


Executive car care
for customers who
care about their car.


An ecological alternative
using steam technology
to clean vehicles.

Car Cleaning Linlithgow West Lothian

Welcome to GREENSTEAM.

Greensteam is the Linlithgow based car detailing and valeting company. We are an accredited business in Matrix ceramics, which allows us to offer top of the range ceramic packages. We also offer valeting packages which include light&deep steam cleans with our high end steam machine.

Greensteam also have a fully functioning self service car wash and hoover facility which currently only accepts coins along side this we offer serviced washes during opening hours.

Easy Appointments

We have a facility in Linlithgow where customers can come to us and have their car cleaned while relaxing or checking the internet with our free wi-fi in our waiting area.

Top Equipment

We have a 2 bay EHRLE drive through SmartWash. In addition we have a two bay turbo hoover unit.

Environmentally friendly

Greensteam offers an ecological alternative to cleaning vehicles. Our system saves water and reduces the need for harmful chemicals, we can clean the exterior and interior of your car using steam and little else. Steam is nature`s sanitizer and can eliminate all bacteria, allergens and odours from inside vehicles.


We offer a range of premium services but our EHRLE drive through SmartWash can be self service also, and our two bay turbo hoover unit caters for customers who like to hoover their own car.


Self-Service Car Wash

EHRLE car wash centres throughout Europe are daily visited by hundreds of thousands of satisfied drivers who want to wash their car without having them scratched by brushes, in a pleasant environment, without waiting and according to their own demands.

Timeless design and modern technologies for car washing, that is the German EHRLE brand. Just some of the reasons why Greensteam has brought this technology to Scotland.