A small introduction

About Us

Greensteam is the Linlithgow based car steam cleaning business that cleans car interiors and exteriors using new steam technology.

Let us introduce ourselves

How we work

Our steam cleaning process uses low pressure steam vapor with fantastic results both inside and on the outside of your car. It’s gentle on your car paintwork and tough on the bacteria in your car interior. Steam can remove allergens, deodorize and it dries very quickly. This system dramatically reduces water consumption and chemical use – making it environmentally friendly.

As we continue to grow and to cater for all customers we have built a new valeting centre at the entrance to Mill Road industrial estate and installing a 2 bay German made EHRLE drive through smartwash which can be self service also. In addition there will be a two bay turbo hoover unit for customers who like to hoover their own car.

“Greensteam are investing substantially to provide the car owners in Linlithgow and the surrounding areas a car valeting centre that can cater for all their needs. The new drive through jet wash will give customers a state of the art washing facility with smartwash technology.”

(Tim & Kyle Nicoll)


All levels of valeting
from basic hoover
to showroom condition.


German made EHRLE
drive-through SmartWash.


Executive car care
for customers who
care about their car.


An ecological alternative
using steam technology
to clean vehicles.