Executive car care for those who care about their car. Choose from our extensive range of detailing options.

  • Tar spot and iron fallout removal

  • Paintwork decontamination

  • Paintwork protection

  • Scratch removal

  • Hand polishing

  • 1-7 stages machine polishing

  • Long term protection against the elements


Price List Overview

  • Stage 1-5 paint correction
    (remove light scratches, swirl marks and surface imperfections)
  • Small scratch and scuff removal from
    Per panel
  • Soft top cleaned and sealed from
  • Tar spot removal from
  • Industrial fallout removal from
  • Moss/ mould removal from
  • Removal of paint work blemishes from
    (sun cream hand prints to bird dropping stains)
  • machine polish with EVO ULTRA
    Remove paintwork contamination, holograms and light swirl marks with high gloss finish
  • ceramic coating
    Starting from £200
  • winter protection
    Full body decontamination – which removes tar spots, iron fallout and much more, stage 1 machine polish removing light blemishes and swirl marks and hard wax coating protecting your paint work from the harsh winter roads.
    Starting from £120



  • Exhaust tips polished from
  • Wheels deep cleaned and sealed from
  • Chrome cleaned and polished from
  • Graphics/ sticker removal
  • Hand polishes from
  • Hand wax from
  • Odour removal from
  • Head light restoration from